Permanent Memorialization

This means creating a dedicated place for family and friends to connect and remember your loved one.

A Consistent Place of Healing

In our modern society, people aren't given enough time to grieve their losses. The pressures of work, even the simple emotional need to ‘be busy,’ often bring the bereaved back into the ‘real’ world far too soon.

Also, many families are choosing to scatter the cremated remains of their loved one in a favorite place; the ocean, or even in the skies above. While that may seem fitting at the time, it means that you do not have a consistent place to connect with the memories of the person you loved so dearly.

Having such permanent place - in a cemetery, mausoleum, or cremation garden - that can be visited regularly by family and friends is an essential part of the time following a death. It becomes a focal point of memorialization, and gives everyone a special place to go to remember your loved one, or to commemorate important occasions. It can help to make a birthday or anniversary less painful.

A permanent place to reflect on your loved one becomes a way of connecting to a family's past. Visiting the resting place of grandparents or great-grandparents may provide children with an anchor to their personal history. It is a connection to the past, to love shared. It truly honors the relationship you still have – and will always have – with that person.

 Designing Your Memorial

There are few decisions in life as personal as deciding where you wish to be permanently memorialized. After all, it is a decision that extends into the lifetimes of your children and grandchildren - where do you wish them to go to honor your memory and share their emotions? 

 The experienced staff of Nicoles Funeral Home and Valley View Memorial Park can help you arrive at the perfect decision for you, and your family. We would be honored to guide you through the cemetery grounds, explore your perspectives, and make suggestions. Ultimately, the decision is in your hands; but our expertise can certainly help guide you.

Sometimes one family member wants to be buried and another wishes to be cremated, yet they want to be together. Because we know this to be a common wish, Nicoles Funeral Home and Valley View Memorial Park makes it simple for families. Our staff will help you arrange for a common burial of both loved ones in the same plot. Call Nicoles Funeral Home at (509) 754-3420 or send us an email inquiry today to discuss your options.

 Ground Burial

 Deciding on the type of memorial property is a very personal decision. Valley View Memorial Park and other local cemeteries provide a setting where meditation, reflection, remembrance, and healing can take place.

Cremation Options 

 Cremation niches are available in our columbarium at Valley View Memorial Park. We also provide the option of benches, statues, and inground interments for memorial interment of cremated remains.


Masoleums allow for above ground entombment in either community buildings or specially designed family structures. At one time the advantages of masoleum entombment were only available to royalty, the famed, or very wealthy. Well known masoleums include the Taj Mahal, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and Egyptian Pyramids. Masoleum property is now affordable to most everyone. These masoleums are individually designed, custom built, and personalized to reflect the traditions and values of the individuall.

Contact us today to speak with one of our directors about your options.